About RKS

About RKS

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To produce the most sellable products and services, your business has to know what your customers need and, more importantly, what they want. To have the most success you must have reliable insight into your consumers' minds.

At RKS Research & Consulting we understand the sometimes daunting research and development tasks at hand for your business. We also know that our more than four decades of marketing research experience is just the expertise you need to make sound product development decisions.

Methodology is a Means to an End. Period.
RKS Research & Consulting designs, develops, and delivers marketing research and customized consulting. We recognize that customization will bring our clients the best research approach possible for each individual business question.

In our long history, beginning in 1974, we’ve seen fashions in marketing research come and go. Yet, we’ve provided our clients with successful solutions using new and proven methodologies all along. We still do. In fact, it’s the ever-changing methods that keep our seasoned company and team fresh and energized! What’s most important is having the flexibility to create an approach pertinent to your needs. We will never force you to fit into some cookie-cutter solution just because it’s easier on us.

This is about your business, not ours.
RKS Team Members have deep roots working across many industries like:

  • Public Agencies
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Government Agencies
  • Packaged Goods
  • Financial
  • Advertising

This diversity of background and substantial experience ensures that you will get the tailored research most effective for your particular situation. Client relationships are just as important to us as they are to you, and you’ll see that commitment in every action we take. We are successful because this is the only way we do things!

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