RKS Delivers Consumer Insight through Cutting Edge Market Research

RKS Research & Consulting welcomes you to share your business development ideas and goals with us, whether they stem from problems or the desire to create something new and exciting. Market Research is our passion. And that means you’ll get the insider benefit of all our years of experience and training.


With a clear picture of your goals, our research experts will begin the delicate process of defining the best approach in researching the market – your market – to gain sound insight into the mind of your customers and prospects. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to infuse your marketing and business development efforts with wisdom and insight that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. And we’ll partner with you each step of the way!


To make things easier on you, we’ve listed solutions, information about us, and customer results throughout the site. Take a look around and then contact us to get the tools you need to transform your idea into all it can be!